‘It is estimated that 48 milion young adults (15-17 years old) do dangerous work, for example in mines, on plantations and in textile factories.’


Exploitation of people in poor areas is a well-known and wide-raging problem. Low wages and poor working conditions are common. A frequently used example are the palm oil plantations in Asia, which are usually owned by large international companies. There are only few jobs for the local population. Research by Amnesty International showed that there are many injustices on these plantages: if there is any work at all, it is heavy work and poorly paid. In addition, the working days are long. Workers have to work with pesticiles, often without protection. Regular child labour is also common.

We seek to change this and strive for a world with responsible working conditions and fair wages.

We provide our employees with:

  • The guarantee of work all year round
  • 2 freshly cooked meals per day
  • Adapted working hours for mothers


I am a weaver in this factory for a long time. It is a nice to work here. Here there are less rules and restrictions than in other factories. The atmosphere is pleasant. Lately the owner started to make things nicer in the factory. New floors are made and we got new, better chairs. Now weekly we clean up our working place. From the foreign owner we learned it is more pleasant to work in a clean factory.

Daily the restaurant opposite the factory cooks two fresh cooked meals for us. It tastes very good and by going there I automatically have a nice break.

I am happy I can work a few more hours per day. Sometimes I do this to earn some extra money for my family. If the factory has many orders we are asked to work more. It is important we help our overseas buyer and also we get more money!

On behalf of our people in Indonesia…

Terima Kasih!