We produce and import many of our products in a sustainable manner. The care for people and enviroment is paramount. Our products are manufactured sustainably and responsibly by people in the countryside in various Asian countries. We contribute to an eco-friendly living enviroment with respect for people and animals and a better future for their en our children.

‘The Living Planet Report of the WWF shows that since 1970, the wildlife population dropped with 60%.’


Van der Sar Import, owned by Gerard van der Sar, produces and imports products, such as baskets and florist products. We cooperate with companies and people in various countries inside and outside of Europe.

In the rainforests of Indonesia, many inhabitants own a piece of rainforest which is usually close to their village. They call it their ‘garden’. During one of his visits to the rainforests on the islands Kalimantan and Celebes, Gerard van der Sar saw how rattan is harvested in an intensive and destructive way. That the rainforest was disappearing for the production of baskets was unacceptable to him. He also saw the poverty among the local population. This motivated him to establish the Terima Kasih brand and thus improve the living conditions of the local population and nature. A way was found to harvast rattan sustainably and responsibly. Of the harvested rattan, baskets are weaved by the locals.

Meanwhile, the Terima Kasih range has expanded. Sustainable products are not only made from rattan, but also from seagrass, jute, water hyacinth and recycled fabrics from Asian clothing factories.

On behalf of all our employees from Asia…

Terima Kasih!